Why we're different?

We understand that banking isn’t always all about money. At Arkansas County Bank banking is All About You! Providing you with the most competitive financial products & services available. Giving you choices that fit your needs. Offering you the best possible interest & loan rates. That’s what we mean when we say…It’s All About You!

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About Us

Board of Directors
Bank Officers
Mission Statement

Board of Directors

Warren A. Jennings, Sr. – DeWitt, Arkansas
Lester A. McKinley – DeWtt, Arkansas
Waymon Hornbeck – DeWtt, Arkansas
Warren A. Jennings, Jr. – DeWitt, Arkansas
James N. Moss, Jr. – Stuttgart, Arkansas
Kim B. Bethea- Stuttgart, Arkansas
Gary Sebree – Stuttgart, Arkansas
M. Edward Hord – Stuttgart, Arkansas
Jimmie Rodgers – Bayou Meto, Arkansas
Georgea M. Greaves – Greenville, South Carolina
K. Daniel Kennedy – Stuttgart, Arkansas
Dale K. Bennett – DeWitt, Arkansas
Mary M. Jennings – DeWitt, Arkansas

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Bank Officers

DeWitt Office (Main)

Warren A. Jennings, Jr. - Bank President
Flora Sisemore - Senior Vice President & Loan Officer
Gena M. Jennings - Vice President & Trust Officer
Mary N. Jacobs - Vice President & Loan Officer & Cashier
J. David Bussey - Vice President & Loan Officer
Pam Castaneda - Assistant Vice President & Customer Service Supervisor
Delores Nixon - Assistant Cashier & Data Processing Supervisor
Angie Patterson - Internal Auditor
Michelle Simpson - Loan Officer

    Stuttgart Office

      Gary Oltmann - Branch President & Loan Officer
      Sydney White - Senior Vice President & Loan Officer
      Phillip Edwards - Vice President & Loan Officer
      Melissa Mitchell - Deposit Operations Officer
      Shelly Bardwell - Loan Operations Officer

    Bank of Lockesburg

      Ceci Bettell - Branch President & Loan Officer
      Barbara Dixon - Vice President & Loan Officer
      Diann Gathright - Cashier
      Anna Belcher - Assistant Cashier

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Mission Statement

Arkansas County Bank is ALL ABOUT YOU!! We are a financial institution with locations in DeWitt, Lockesburg and Stuttgart, Arkansas. Our primary market includes Arkansas, Prairie, Lonoke, Sevier, Little River, and Howard Counties in Arkansas and McCurtain County in Oklahoma.

Arkansas County Bank accepts the challenge and responsibility of being a community leader. We are close to our customers and focused on our communities. We endeavor, through our leadership, to stimulate local economic development and carefully planned growth.

Arkansas County Bank markets products and services that are specifically designed to meet the financial wants and needs of our customers. From a savings account for your children, to business loans, to retirement accounts, we do it all and ALL FOR YOU. We do this by simply providing professional excellence in service, product innovations and performance.

The banking industry is always changing. As a result of these changes, part of our mission is to become more knowledgeable of key concepts in financial management thereby allowing us to maintain the confidence of and profitable relations with you, our customer. How do we do this? We have continuing education for our employees. Why do we do this? To help them better serve you, our customer. Because we truly are ALL ABOUT YOU!!

Arkansas County Bank is a secure and sound financial institution. The Bank protects its charter, its depositors and stockholders by sound, profitable and growth oriented operations.


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